the future is now


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I believe we always will have

A beautiful struggle

It depends how you view it at any given moment

But eventually you realize it’s a different side to the same story

You flip the coin and give up a choice to liberate yourself

And for a second you allow yourself to drift

Trying to gain some sense of direction

By giving up the one you had

If we could just accept each other’s gifts

We might learn

To have something to give you need something you have

We can all be strong together

If we just learn to see each other

As more than just names and faces

As more than just games and races

I know it has to get better

It’s not just some dreamers letter

A chance encounter


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Imagine receiving a real message back

On some dated website

To your favorite artist

Where they just happened to be browsing

Being nostalgic

3 am and you think maybe nobody else in the world is there

These forums say 6 years ago last online

But you decided why not give it a try

To reach out to someone who reached you

Maybe this individual feels the same special aura you do

Off these glowing screens

I love it


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The feeling of understanding

This coalescence of ideas from so many confusions

I do so easily lose myself but also find myself too much

Under a microscope of my own design with filters like sepia tinted glass making it kind of an illusion

If your excuse my relaxed style

I realize now I really have been doing my best

Why else would I worry so much about it?

Yeah, maybe I didn’t learn another language yet

But I read the universal ones

I have learned how to access my emotions

Hopefully to make you feel what I feel

It’s not always the worst to realize what you still need to do

Just make sure it’s really what you want

Not some outdated standard

I found myself only seeing what I didn’t do

Mostly technology or a degree

Measurable things

A lot of things I want to do either not started or half done

So much in the idea step with nothing to show except calendar notes urging reminders

You only really stop “wasting” “time” when “you” realize you’ve done your utmost with what you had in you

Embrace the beautiful tragedy of it

But don’t accept it as futile

To make these words and deeds immortal

You must find a way

Through this haze

Recognize what lessons you learned

What value you earned

If you want it, if you don’t accept doing nothing

You’ll navigate these waters

You’ll find shore

It’s a struggle I hate some days but I love it

Because it’s real and it is beautiful

Numbers game


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As we walk along

Trying to sway to the beat of music

These imposters draw their guns

Robbing us of all our fun and

Maybe one day you’ll see the life you led in agony

Days are blending, number crunching

Is it beautiful this travesty?

I lift myself to another cycle

Justified apologies

Its all a trade no artificial break away

exceptions leading to more anxiety

Add a shining hope and the removal of fault of destiny

I’m sure I’m not the same

Im not trying to play this game

And I’m not just selfish, write me off don’t believe me

I don’t have all the answers

Do you?



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Being temporarily alone is a beautiful thing

Those moments in solitude

Set aside from the masses of society or family

Facing the whole spectacle from your own vantage

Entirely signature

It is where you find yourself when seeking truth through the fog of the story we invented

You don’t have the safety of numbers but you traded it for the intuition of a visionary



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I’ve been fighting so hard and there’s no one to blame

But you start to feel lame like it’s all the same

These days blending together feel totally insane

And the registers are clacking while the masses are laughing

Forgetting why they were dissatisfied

I got so distracted by my own inner turmoil

Unable to nourish and enrich this fertile soil

Struggling to keep the various metaphorical entrails inside

While maintaining a smile toward those who deride me

Set aside those who confide in me

See me buckling under this weight

Created by holding onto the rope they were dangling from

Over a vast distance away from the summit

Commit to it but don’t lose it

This fire driving and raging

It needs fuel to keep gasping above the water

I won’t let gravity hold me down too hard

I’m not afraid to step out of line

Or to walk right into discomfort

I just need to know where I’m going

My compass stopped working

Like the magnetics somehow were blocked

A signal we all use but don’t see

Just like this rescue mission and backing eluding me

I want to learn everything

Keep things sacred

I want to start something real and not be abandoned here


This dark dusty room with no electricity is no sanctuary

I really did try to create a movement but

Nobody listened and then I stopped hearing myself to some degree

Isolated with this seeping feeling of nothingness

Not even a vast blankness

It seems true nothing is a grinding swirl of something

So disfigured and gears so stalled as to make nothing rational

It’s the illusion brought by seeing too much

It’s the trial you must go through to see the truth

A reminder to stop holding on to a doomed vehicle

It was so vivid


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Like those allergy drug commercials where the filter is peeled back

A world wet with sun showers through blue skies

Little gasoline rainbows in pooled water

Lemonade, kids skipping, birds singing

Grass was never greener than right there

And if you cared to listen

You’d hear singing from the treetops

A canopy of swaying giants

It felt like ionized air was all you could breath

Damp and charged with static

It feels so alive

So exciting to go about your day

Just happy to collect each moment

As sunlight gently reassures

And you know though it feels like forever

It isn’t

But on this day it’s okay

You’re able to see all those strands of wisdom sometimes hard to swallow when you’re not quite of this world

Another day is on the horizon but for now, this is beautiful and it feels like a home and an adventure somehow in one

Seeing what is easy


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there are times

Where I seem like im not okay

And I am

Then there are the times where I seem like I am

though I am not

It is because we are somehow more suited

Wearing a disguise of what we aren’t, than the skin of what we are

Nobody seems to see my face

Yet I’m holding up a flashlight to it

Like I’m sharing a ghost story

And it’s getting kinda gory and these scenes have spotlights for me

Shuffling through these documents, searching for my eloquence