Let’s start a new style shall we?


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I lived a life of a thousand little aches rolling through my veins circulating and strangulating the investigation of my own exasperations and qualifying the falsifying was the except I wrote myself just a dry book kept dusty on the shelf so full of useful clues you should have used but stashed instead like a breaking board wannabe runaway hit strange days ahead as these words escape my head through this plastic tiny tablet and the reach is so organic as a cyborg like data the hero we thought he could be was a vision of our future being bulletproof because it was made out of fatal mercury dipped sabres and consequential documentarian solicitors who didnt read the weather by smelling the air but instead poured bleach on the sidewalk and stared as it made one big empty space and walked away self assured


I choose this belief


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I just want to touch

This feeling where I’m worthwhile

It feels like my words are so juvenile

This rhyme scheme is boring

Im noticing it has no value

What it was or what it could be is distorted by what it should be

Not so deep and not so terrible

This writing began to become bearable

But now while the quiet hum from this fridge accompanies me and creates a sense of security

Its electric thrum beating its drum giving unconscious evidence to its existence and the meaning of all this

You are stuck with you and even if you become someone else youre still stuck with them

When the boy seemed unsure reassurance was given and it didnt explain anything as to how but it established the belief things get better

Im trying to break away


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The last fledgling thread holding the entire weight from crashing down by axiomatic variables held such strength we dont ignore

Im swigging this liquid cleansing nostalgic worry soothing not selfish

Im sure this means something to me but does it mean anything much to anyone else

Everything we think is natural just is the base level of everything we aspire towards

Here unfazed is a list of strange moments where we realize what reality is

I want to see the sequence where we know

If it means something to everyone it isnt specific enough but i want so much to share with more souls

It isnt some dirge or some estimation of why things end

Its a resolution to the observed crisis we stopped ignoring

Its the refused absence of love for what we need

Dont save me if im sliding

Just remind me i have hands

I love the wind and the freshness it brings

A song if i ever heard one

Dont forget me it sings

Quick words fly like


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Am I lazy or am I lost?

Tried not to sell it, what’s the cost?

Drive me down my old road

Sink the skin into these bones

I’m meditating on my own

Sure I’ll find it not alone

Sacred science I’m amused

This is comfort

I’m abused

Segregated I am hated serving you what’s left to do?

Shaking currents solve themselves

Wafting wind just brings the news

Safely said but not the use

Quickly read but being hewn

Self deflated medicated seen your views

Smile diligently

Safety harness melody

Singing our hearts out to this rain

Breaking sound waves fill the dream

I will find my voice

I was told i have a choice

Self encouraged I’m not hurried

This is my attempt to see

The endless sea


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Sliding seconds drown the canvas and the mattress scent acts like actress as the activated caffeine dripping dream dresses it

Quantify my salacious words

Scroll the hunger its days ending daunting like thunder

Masques sheltered by cling wrap disposable everlasting to walk towards the grand scheme


Saliency escaping me

I’m left with what I cant see

These saturated memories and attempted immortality

Do you feel the earth as it spins anymore?

The breeze can bring you the most beautiful songs

Establishing what was once more than reflection

This ache to feel and this aberrant normalcy to run away

All you see is what you make but not all you make is what you see

No attempt at deception just an unending sea… but

We must envision the sea as imbued with hope and infinity

Endless though not stationary

Being free to move eternally

Recovered words


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We don’t know what were doing here

When days seem so vapid
moving forward rapid
Its a terror how this night ends
Worrying how this money spends
Reunite my faith with courage
Save me from this wraith this dirge
I’m running away from the fire holding matches

We’re looking for a quest and a noble cause to follow
As the day turns into night there’s increasing fear I can’t allow
A question needs an answer even if it’s not sure
We may only hold our breath so long
Waiting for the cure
I want to find my voice
I know there’s a way to exist
Where I’m not just letting things slide
Where together we won’t miss
A chance to lead a better life
Where we see those shores
Lose the knife
Win the night
Escape into the soft morning rise
Reclaim what was lost
Win this fight
Through every last devotion
Safeguarding this light

We have to learn to face these things if we’ll ever come out right

so much ache from an old wound


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I’d love to let this go

Maybe I just wasnt ready to be so happy

It seemed like there was still so much to finish

And I needed the frustration as a reminder to keep going

Like pinching yourself so you know you’re awake

I was trying to give more than I take

The days seem like yesterday if they meant anything

It’s so easy to confuse intention

Shall we walk ahead?

Learn to accept this movement?

Sometimes these thoughts sneak up on me


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What if I’m not easy going enough?

Do I make you overthink?

Am I bringing things to the brink?

Is there anything I wont sink?

By weighing it down with all of my doubts

My endless ideas

My restless distress

I’m trying



You dont even know

But when blow by blow

It starts to feel

Like what’s happening is I dont let anyone heal

Even though I feel like a soothsayer some days

It’s like the truth is too much for them

I give it my all but it’s not enough again

Waiting to reach the top of the water so I can breath

Learning to fly so I can finally leave

Dont grieve, no

This broken heart bleeds like a sieve

I’m letting it mend now dont you see?

All these dangerous ideas swirl inside

Like a drive by crime but i must survive

Write down the words i need to save

Ignite this fire when it begins to wave

I see what was once invisible


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Say what you need to say

Should we fake out our bodies make them make our day?

Should we

Sweat these things or buy diamond rings?

Calculate the costs or just see where it swings?

I’m feeling a ghostly hand hold me slowly slowing my pace and I can almost see its face

Now I’m not trying to run this like it’s a race and I’m not too stressed about what I cant erase but I want to taste what winning feels like once more

Out the door sounds so easy in a book but when theres so many options seemingly…. well only they all seem the same and things start to feel kinda lame

Nobody to blame except myself and that’s okay because it’s easier this way

On days the ghost isnt looking I swear I see

This visages image looks just like me

It’s like the second thought you indulged just too much or the good intention that became less than such and the moral of this story comes soon enough

You gotta get to getting up and you gotta get to seeing through and what holds you back is almost invariably you

Mythic movements of the electronic keyboard



Startling bioavailability

Striking a match just to watch it burn

Chemicals churning as we discern

The color of this feeling

The word association

Sampling of the science

Meanings more than double and I’m waiting feeling like

This shaving was on ice

As the water washes over

Walking away from simple metaphor

Wouldn’t it be nice

To see

Where we oughta be?

Wouldn’t it be nice

To have

Optimal trajectory

I’m sure it’s out there

I’m sure its here inside me too