I have said it for years, everything and nothing, the universe, everything we know, everything we may or not know is everything and nothing. Everything may be and everything may not be, it is entirely up to each one of us to decide, it isn’t one or the other. One may try to observe everything, yet one only need be aware, aware of what may be, and what one wants inside; who one is, not as often seen as the same as what one wants such as with material desires. Yes, one may lose oneself in material wants or needs and this is not something I judge, we all do it, and we find ourselves through these struggles by acknowledging where our limits are so we may break them and aspire beyond what we once were. We learn best by our strong feelings, emotional highs determine how we define ourselves. It is a beautiful and stark contrast we live by. We have this material body sure, yet I for one do not believe it is by any means what defines who we are. I seek to embrace suffering as lessons, I learn from these struggles and in this it is not independent of the journey to finding oneself, I mean to say when trying to live spiritually it is easy to start to write off the material world, but it all relays to the same thing, we are intelligence, morality, wisdom, love, all of it may be shown through any number of mediums yet does it really alter it for what it is? We imagine the spiritual realm often as some generically outlandish existence and sure, I believe it would transcend all our “laws” of nature, yet maybe it is all included in the grand scheme of things. What if there are things all around us we aren’t able to see? What if I asked you to show me a sound, or to listen for a view? What if I asked you how the music reaches your radio? Do you see any of it? Yet is is very real.

Belief in oneself, in the ability to go beyond what we know, to find what is already inside of ourselves by resisting other outside influences of the world and not allowing them to exist as easy excuses for not refining oneself brings a sense of self determination, a freedom of allowing your inner world to define the outer. Beyond this I say again, everything and nothing, each of these ideas of what defines a self isn’t independent entirely of the other. Each is valuable. One must learn to use each of these to shed light on an endless journey of re-enlightening. Like I said, it is a dichotomous existence, anyone may falter, when one believes they are beyond it they become arrogant and when they become arrogant they become ignorant. With ignorance there begins degradation, with degradation the need for renewal.

I don’t know how I feel about a divine sentience… maybe there is an overarching sentience of what is invariably true, of what defines, with a lack of substance what is unalterable… Explaining paradoxes such as saying “everything changes”… I do not know for sure yet I imagine in regards to this as with what I speak of the finer nuances only matter if you relate to them in a specific way, we are speaking of the bigger view, abstractly… I wonder if with the harmony of opposites a being such as this would be able to remain anything but indifferent… miracles do happen yet does it mean they are all God? I feel we know what matters if we look inside and outside of ourselves and observe and are aware of the invisible forces. I believe we even influence what we see, yet there is much to learn, much we do not know… I find it exciting, it is adventure waiting!