Lucky you, random internet wanderer, you have just found a gem of a blog. What you’ll find here will vary from my own opinions and views, to essays on philosophy, poetry, comments on culture, generation y rants, and just about anything and everything I or you can think of! If you are sensitive and thoughtful, yet can be a  snarky bastard, if you are wordy or opinionated, or balanced… if you have a sense of humour and you are always looking to learn new things or expand your mind… you will find something here for you. I hope on here to share what I think is worthwhile, meet others with similar interests.

Some fast things about me: I am 23, I’m struggling to find my way, I’m a martial artist and very into exercise and diet… I love to sing, wander, adventure and hope to live a life free from working jobs I despise!

I figured I would start off with this for an introduction into what you’ll see on here…

Our virtuality:

Saving face

We lose our taste

Guises quell our interface

As we find ways

Of counting days

We rearrange

Our plays

Our inner script so broken

We are beholden to be unspoken

Yet once one is open

Once one breaks free

A veracity of being

A new way of seeing