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Inspired by “if” by Rudyard Kipling
Where you are able seek the fleeting
Yet all the while see its transience
Immortality is incredulous to its dependence on mortality
From this a cycle of sorts we see
From every stream and every tree
Over and over, differences seem daunting
Yet they are merely memories of haunting
Lingering aspects of former regards
Guarded by militant respect for their shards
Sung of by the most eloquent of bards

This sentiment not reticent yet recently sent again
Obstinately obtaining acquiescent accord
From sword, once elemental, once transcendental
From flesh, ever changing, ever rearranging
Yet resistant to desist, insistent to consist
While the remiss dismiss amidst their affected bliss
Unconcerned with attempts of the unimaginable tangible
Learned of the unreal fueling their zeal
Allowing the dissident room to repeal
On their own basis of unsound remark

Inside the unmoving a spark
Sent from the stark, off to embark
From nowhere, from everywhere, from who knows where
Insolent to attempts to extract
Very deceiving, how we try to exact
In mingling there is a tingling,
Interact, attract, react, enact
Spent then gained then created and recycled
Drained then sent then arrived, then meant
Thought enticing movement, moving thoughts

Undying yet unseen
Behind the sheen, the glow we all know
Blocked from the visible, unknown, not divisible
What was sought through death and renewal, was there all along
With every throng, everything strong yet gone
From every masqueraded parade of paroxysm
Spent on deluded illumination
Intent was intent, what was meant was meant
Here was all, all was here, not gone only altered
Yet one was the same, unashamed, without blame,
Without one name, no two the same, yet real