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I get overwhelmed and then think and decide,
Figure out a way to live life
Without anything affecting my mood
Then I realize, I don’t feel alive…
Why do we keep relearning?
I guess it seems obvious with yearning…
We walk forward; we question obliviously
We see some answers, is it enough?
Yet once we don’t ask
It’s easy to feel reflections fading
Questions remind us to challenge introspections
Endlessly dodging and easily evading
Yeah it may be said infinite ways
Our words may attempt definite says
Imagine your world, imagine our world
Just because you feel something once doesn’t mean it gets old
Yeah maybe it doesn’t feel just like the first
Who’s to say? Who knows?
We get used to things we grow
Inside we still love what we love
What is new? What is old?
We want to feel new, maybe we are when we see through
Belief, imaginings, freedom to say what’s true
Espousing how you, emphasize you