Let’s make it status quo to deny the status quo

Let’s rebuild authenticity with individuality

Desperately dueling narcissism with empathy

I say go the extra distance

Show you have a sense

Of knowing individuals are not a means bringing you your ends

Draw me some imagery of avoiding blame free

Assert yourself but act with an undying respect

I issue this as a challenge to the broken standard diversions

Whoever aspires toward sincerity, authenticity, truthfullness, respect both of self and those of affect… those who always go the right route even when it’s hard, those who struggle with the burden of being without the ability to not take responsibility, whose existence is defined by love, who seeks to learn and grow and make a difference…

With this instance

Stay strong

While those around you may feel

It’s easy to seem disinterested

Easily letting those around them sway

Each and every thing they say

One who is strong isn’t afraid of being “wrong”