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Harshness of light feels amplified

Each sense fine tuned towards extremity

Light bleeding through an outstretched hand

Hot with reminder of inner imbalance

Set off from reverberations not felt with thick armor

Displaced by waves not felt by those on dry land

Loud to the utmost of tolerance, exclaimed

By those not aware of their own volume

Received by one with equillibrium of a more exact wavelength

Each smell sight taste and sound

Each stealing feeling

Obviously felt, stark by oppositional obliviousness

A world of such bleakness

Of icy air revealing hot breath

Of each day and each night

Reaching closer towards something bright

One day I hope

One day we’ll know

I’ll say save faith

Save not breath waste not space

Wallow not fear not

Bring emotions off escape

I’ll say, I’ll try… to not hide my face

Wander out yet not too far

Embrace yet not too tight

Adventure where your dreams fly free

Outrun the journey of the day