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I tried to be

the best i could be

hold you warmly to set you free

i thought you knew i had my flaws

you always said,
i was too good for you

i thought you understood i have my own issues too

you loved me anyways

from my insecurities to my tendancy to obsess over

what others would consider trivialities

now im here again alone and afraid

i left myself open again i jumped to the sight

of what i thought was,love forever not judging just accepting

but here i am shivering… here i am gone

its over now and i feel worse for wear

like my heart was shared with too much readiness

And now its too late, too much to bear

its over now and im trying to relate

Ive lost something i cant replace

if the night i said my soul found home

still holds true

yes the night we met was fast

but if i didnt know better

it seemed without last

your breath in the cold air was steady not fast

as the world seemed bright

bright in the dead winter white