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I am here nonetheless with every waking elapsing

Our memories entrancing, future’s a story

Road bumps as we travel, reminders

They bring us from displacement

Our arrangements rarely meet, yet always exceed

Who knows what we’ll need?

Our visions of ourselves, a mystery solving itself

Why we are here, answered by questioning

A indomitable soul shouts

I’m seeking my answers within and without

Mirroring exactly less than exactly

While directions seem unknowable, this I know

I’m free of myself, I see myself

I see you, free with me

Why all this abstract wording?

I’m trying to translate, help one see

Everything we know, all energy

If we allow ourselves to dream

If we not only appreciate the scenary

Seek escape from monotony

Unhindered by a moments notice

Not afraid of walking on a whim

Before a number is agreed on

Even if it is not efficient

Art officially