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Machine and body flowing through vessels of stop and go scenary, it all gets away from me… yet I take it all in.. Each sign, each weaving disorienting turn, waiting for this tired sojourn to end.

Spread so thin, too much distance to cover while they’re missing you and you miss you too. You try to fantasize it into an adventure yet it’s too overdrawn, your tolerance for waiting decreases simultaneously with your fossil fuels.

Each dissatisfaction shouldn’t dishearten, it’s by seeing our skies darken we seek the sun. We appreciate, reflect by enduring what we hate, by doing so we relate.

You find what you’re looking for if you don’t equate your struggling as a failure, too hard too break

Smile with hope right to the face of despair, see its lesson.. as instead of the burden of the drive, you feel the wind in your hair