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I want to do the things I want to do

Escape this vicious cycle

I’m so beyond done trading my life for what isn’t vital

Maybe it sounds like the naive wish of a dreamer

But do you want a world where nothings ever obscene or

Would you like to waste your moments filing office documents?

Do you like taking trash out for little recompense?

I need to sing my songs, I need to write this wrong

I’ll try to show you as I try to show myself

I’m just making this up as I go

But I know

I need love as we all do, I need freedom.. for anything I’m saying to ring true

I’m sorry but I’m not sorry

I won’t accept anything less

Let’s destress, float away… to the fringes of society

Don’t fight fear, if it draws near

It shows you you’re not just staying stagnant all too safe and secure

I won’t quit, I won’t submit, I’ll find myself reflected one day