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If you could take all this suffering and just diffuse it and rationalize it and understand and sympathize with it would you get rid of it all, would you avoid the excess hardships and hurt beyond need?

Now I know it takes effort and struggle and stretching to reach but what does it teach when the lessons been learned and youre still being burned?

Do we just escape it with rhetoric, douse it with hindsight and rise from it like it was all some episode of delusion or flight from yourself?

I know this has got to get better but they say be here and now and right now it hurts so much, it’s a wound tender to the touch

Maybe it’s all just not so serious, or as dreary as we make it seem, maybe it really is a waking dream and we don’t need to wake up except for abstractly because all we see is what we need

Yet I know this is a half truth too because it isn’t so obvious what is real and what is ideal

Except, wait no, wrong again, it is quite obvious if you open your eyes, if you reject with natural aversion those sweet lies if you realize you’ve tried and failed maybe but try you did redundancy runs its course yet is it really the same?

Wait, don’t wait here, it’s all my head overthinking, rearranging and self abating

Enough of this, it’s true, the ink has electronically spilled but it’s also a lie

Where do I go from here is flagrantly real