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they say it is wise to exercise and fraternize and watch your eyes as the anxiety rises these feeble guises are extracting revising and enabling devices to open these vise grips and numb with these vices, they say don’t think twice if it feels nice..it’s as good as truth, soothingly smooth refusing to lose but we know it’s hard to say if these woes are here to stay as the day evaporates with a haze of escape,

yet if it is all just a distracting directive, incorrigible for a second then redacted by more stressors, ablative yet enblazened we realize our invasion of ourselves has only abated

yes it is a reality we need a wide range of emotional motions, we need our work and our stress, we need to relax and to rest, we must not be obstinately stoic or insatiably shatterable yet both nonetheless and this I stress

we need some way of realizing who we are, if we are going too far out of our way to alleviate and allay

with less mysticism, here’s the idea, we must be strong enough to feel, and wise enough to heal