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Its not like im resigning myself to apathy

its only i know this wave is coming either way

i dont view it as a failure

more like… its of my own creation to some extent

my intent is as strong as it is and eventually theres outside forces

i could spend all day running and battling these thoughts

words and images my own little movie upstarts

but im gonna let it wash over me and in a way it’ll cleanse me

i think to myself and remember there’ll be good days and bad

but despite anything im gonna say today was a victory

even amongst a mess i feel im learning and growing stronger and moving towards my quest

it may not be as easy road, but its not boring either

im just glad you’ll be there

words don’t explain enough but act as a bridge

excuse my lack of culture and decorum

i just think to open our eyes we need to have strength to use them

not just moving through existence but seeing

striving for real being