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I’m tired yet restless because you only ever rest when you don’t actually need it like the body winding down as the mind is resigned to apathy, an unnatural state for one who seeks to fulfill, asleep only because you shut yourself down when it should be to build yourself up again yet so often we sleep and dream about fears and failures but if we got up and did something we would dream of success and happy years of things we always wanted to see happen and wake up again and do them

I’m not saying you don’t relax only when you do sometimes you gotta earn it, a difficult lesson because it’s easier to do the wrong thing for immediate and shallow gain in the short run but for the long one it becomes harder yet again only if you are worried about being real and growing through life

We see the ones who hold property and wealth spend it on themselves when someone working all day for what they make in a minute donate and pray for those who need someone because we aren’t flawless we all have our struggles but if we accept their challenge honestly instead of running we are stronger and more real from the journey

One thing underrated and highly misunderstood is faith, we don’t necessarily get instant results but we work towards what we want with a visualization of what it’ll look like and if we don’t see these results faith gets us through. We all have worries and doubts, opposition to our journeys end but a trust in the tenacity and fortitude of oneself drives us through and in fact if you really want it the obstacles only strengthen your resolve even if they have fleeting success making you feel like fading don’t quit, don’t invalidate everything you did, eventually you’ll get tired of starting over