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Leaden steps with laboured breaths as disinterested as an as organism gets

a quandry if one could see

yet you are in too deep and losing sleep

because while you know something about marching on

accepting unfavorable toil doesn’t feel right

you were told you had to work your way up but the fact is you’ve done more than your share and they don’t care

it would be almost easier if you were wrong but despite what society says you aren’t lazy or selfish

if it was a character flaw or something not embellished

our millenial artists exposition of “If” isn’t juvenile

yet school is expensive and we’ve become apprehensive

our debt seems unavoidable just to exist while eating

oh but this is fleeting and

we know it

we have a mighty thirst

only quenched by dreams

only by faith and remembering there’s always more than it seems