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Do you ever find yourself losing yourself?

Searching the surface to connect to something deeper

This aching feeling amplified by your aching bones and joints and all these wordly devices

An imperitive begging

A bleeding we can’t seem to find the source of

An answer we don’t know the question to

A sequence of events so obvious yet so blurry

Made so by unnaturally forcing our lives into

Such ornately wrapped servings of time

All while we seek our sense of ourselves and of our way

While I do think this struggle fuels us there is a reason for this suffering until there isn’t

Once we’ve learned the lessons from our toil why are we still barely living the way we want?

Only the answer here is so stark

We didn’t start the journey of minumum wages and taxes to fools… not true fools, the good ones who take leaps of faith no the ones who seek to dominate and oppress…

Our struggles and our stress

These burdens towards we aquiesce

We didn’t agree to it willfully

The agreement of “at will” was a veiled threat

A system of money, a system of debt

Our rights were sundered and undermined

By the self imposed question of: “But where will I get money?”

Even still we make it into something good, truly good and not bothered by money or greed

If we stand together and don’t allow heartless lust for money be what we heed or establish what we need