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but do you have your transcripts?

those letters arranged with exhibitionary

easily digested and formatted

dry and alligned with organizable filed

results of years of doctrine

you know

the symbols allowing me to ignore you

all your meaningless words:

dreams, aspirations and what makes you breathe

no, not i but We need those easily uploadable barcode encodable scanable unreproachable letters to sumarize and alphabetize through with arbitrary means we establish status quo

if not connections or money

starve and strive as it goes by

fine by me

I am okay with it now

if they keep their misdeeds disguised

eventually it’ll elicit their demise

or all those lies

might just serve another one like me

show a higher truth by the way we see from night to day on a reflective level

where even society and everyone saying the same ideas isn’t able to kill what’s real

fee and sign here

ID and schedules

name date and initials

make it official