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there it is

seen from inside

dream in sight and running to take flight

as long as I get through this night

find within myself the extra guts and heart and might I remember who I am won’t let me lose or fail

Exhale but then breath the hot air like icy needles, the sting from an amalgamation of frustrations  and silent suffering

Inhale and believe while you’re still struggling to realize where you are is not some accident nor some orchestrated affliction affecting and directing some actor who decided to reside where your life was

Stand and shake off lethargy and apathy and whatever symbolic weights bring atrophy and learn to build the strength to bring with faith you get from your self the ability to escape and do what you were meant to

Learning and growing doesn’t stop with knowing as the instant the ink spilled it was killed unless you read it and feed it with the hunger only artist or creator knows

Love brings you the message, bring it with you but only as it is you