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I’m shielding and telegraphing this wound of words as messages as missives and elemental birds with wings of mystery and hint of insight take flight and opening doors to spaces without walls epitomizes nothing and still speaks to all while these estranged guided documents valiantly aim for some semblance of identity, fortune and fame, direct me they scream silently your will is our meaning and they struggle and scramble towards evidence towards eloquence of a higher regard a new old understanding, a mouth with no words is a question with no answer and we laugh and we sing and walk, run and dream, we lament and relent and surround ourselves with what we spent on it goes here and away through each lovely day, stars years away are they indifferent or do we have sway? It’s an age old question answered forever in each unique way we rise and try to find why we exist and why these days seem to fade away though we try to keep today even if we know the answers, what do we say? What do we say? I’m just terrified trying to feel and thrive, tired of surviving merely wanting to learn, grow and revive and tired of waste and lies, help me find some vestige of an escape from this guise let’s expose the denial and reveal a new essence  heavy with virtual liquid, drenched with tears, rank and torch bearer alight with free form free verse new arranged disorganized symmetry radiating with its own light and love