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All this

attachment to energy

Whatever form it takes

Of chemicals or self talks

As if we must be able to do things

we don’t like

Without fail

Somehow alter them, convert them into something

they are not

Its an illness to not see what something is

alongside its effect

Even if you were without tire, endless

Would you decide to do what you did not want if you did not have to?

It just seems like a waste once the lesson has already been acquired and you’re running the same route even if you have nothing to waste

Just because your energy doesn’t end should you feel okay directing yourself towards what isn’t you?

A society built on unjust equations and hourly rates expiring excuses

Very few seek to understand and

They are guided by strict doctrine while they simultaneously try to create this or adhere to this false culture of rampant acceptance though they are judges of the harshest kind with some strange way of avoiding their own arbitrary rules

If you feel me connect here and hear me

I won’t make it without these hopeful dreams

I’m unable to comply and work with these simplified directions

What is just isn’t what it is when we aren’t awake

You’ll see