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Don’t let it fade

Hold this sign

Try not to be late

The momentum both destroys and creates

Helping to scrub away the settled dust but also slowly what you made

We hold on and tremble to nostalgias quake

And we remember a different version

Where it was all easy and better

Like we knew who we were and what we wanted

But the truth is

Back then we wanted what we have now or felt the same about another distant ideal

We don’t ever really know exactly where we are going or where we even are

Even if you think you do you’re only limiting yourself

Our world’s are full of such vivid ultra saturated feelings and thoughts working together to make world’s to again occupy and not know why

Here on this beginning of the runaway from t shirt season we have a breath to take and meditations to make, knowing fully we don’t necessarily see everything just because we are awake

Let’s see