Our world today is on this gilded mountain

It is made of cheap materials and given a facade to look less like mounded garbage

We have all the knowledge we could ever ask for

Directly for our use

Instead we have these ugly habits built on the insecurities of being alone

Facebook, Instagram… it’s all the same

Like you greased the wheels to your own self immolation

the truth is these things aren’t innately awful

But there is  some sort of social sickness

We need to address it

This insipid default sarcasm

Take something seriously

Before you let it all go to waste

We are so lucky to have all of this convenience

Like some virtual removal of tedium, towards a higher medium

The thing to remember is, you might have the best tools but they are useless when handed to fools

Don’t hesitate to acknowledge meaning

and remember there is much good here

Its never too late