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Reverberating vocalizations stymy ablatives

A shout in a song

An oath of fortitude

Attempting to right a wrong

Answering the question of honor

Will you uphold your convictions?

Settle for nothing and no one?

Yet realize you have it all?

While giving all your efforts to get to where you feel okay?

Rise to the occasion and create a more peaceful and virtuous world?

Ask yourself

It must start somewhere, why not

Right here


There comes these days where despite all the options there are things we need to feel sure of

And maybe a healthy dose of self acknowledged ignorance is necessary because there is no one ideal, there are millions of things we do not know

It’s the beauty found in these unseen things

New ways to see the same strand of words, a sea or a sky

It reminds us this world is hardly something of face value

Brace yourself if you must, though

You should be ready to remove your armor