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I’m so done

Acting like a robotic kid

Existing as a stranger in my own skin

And making out of body experiences

The only way of salvaging my self

My soul isn’t accepted

You understand it is me?

I’m not some strange group of cells, some randomly assembled entity

I won’t stop walking away

I won’t settle for you

I won’t race to the end

I won’t sleep my way through

You’re trying to tear me down but I will escape you too

Register this factor of eliminating benefactors

Belief isn’t vested in the tools you use

I sing it from the heart and I’ve known it from the start

You won’t seclude me, deny me or stop me

I’m running until I find my own setting

A stage where I’m a natural

A scene not so damn literal

An environment where it’s encouraged to be strange

Stranded by my thoughts amidst a sea of enemies I struggle to excuse myself from their crushing needs and I won’t alarm them, they don’t see me and it’s a short walk to the door, so once again you see I’m feeling like I was before

I’m not afraid

I’m emitting my own light

A beacon and a message

Resounding songs to fight

Dust off your bruised body

Listen to your inner voice

Screaming what is right

Don’t let it fade

You won’t feel them jaded

Just evaded