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It’s the note left for you

Yes, you as your heart beats faster

Not a text or even email

But this one and only letter

No copies, one of a kind

It’s only known to you and it’s author

Left where they knew you would find it

It says such nice things

All the things you didn’t think anyone noticed about you

And maybe some things you didn’t notice about yourself

It’s a treasure made of reflections

Better than any legal document

A mysterious missive

A club with only two members


You try to figure who it was

Examining the handwriting and the references

The way it describes your laughter

Or the expression you make when you are trying not to be awkward

Little quirks highlighted as beauty

And it’s all on this scrap of paper, feelings given life by the ink

A magical and strange feeling

Like a conspiracy you just were made aware of

The immediacy of the feeling

A feeling of being full

You start to consider where they were when they wrote it

Who would make something with so much thought

Who knows I am here?