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Like those allergy drug commercials where the filter is peeled back

A world wet with sun showers through blue skies

Little gasoline rainbows in pooled water

Lemonade, kids skipping, birds singing

Grass was never greener than right there

And if you cared to listen

You’d hear singing from the treetops

A canopy of swaying giants

It felt like ionized air was all you could breath

Damp and charged with static

It feels so alive

So exciting to go about your day

Just happy to collect each moment

As sunlight gently reassures

And you know though it feels like forever

It isn’t

But on this day it’s okay

You’re able to see all those strands of wisdom sometimes hard to swallow when you’re not quite of this world

Another day is on the horizon but for now, this is beautiful and it feels like a home and an adventure somehow in one