If you ever


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If you ever find yourself

Seeing things in a new light

Brought across the electromagnetic spectrum

Through cosmic and unseen waves

Allowing you to redefine yourself

Erasing your websteresque notations


It’s not too late

It wasn’t a waste

I am here, now

Know this:

It wasn’t a waste,

Youre not alone

All those stars shone reaching across the blackness honed

By years of depleted energy, millions of beams

And when they ended they went on forever

Even when they go where we won’t see them

Like us they are immortal



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Resounding out of the scope of our ability to see

Meanings and intentions drift like spectres

Making themselves known through cloaked means

I think they are things we know but don’t set free

They are the things we want to say

Held back by our inability to apply language

Yet they escape from doors we were unaware of

Though as our awareness grows

And the fog begins to dissolve

A realization might be found

By the knowledge we tried so hard to define

What it was


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As the fragrant damp air coats our surroundings

A wave of thoughtful realizations comes forward

It’s the culmination of a truth forged by honor

A sacred fire made of light and heartbeats

As we walked our voices grew more obvious

Songs of the ones who breath essence into awareness

Our guiding stars to allow our wanderings

Against the blackness of night

When our directions arise without question

Directed by a soul who sees itself

As answers made out of questions

You who sought me without knowing

This essential quality

It brought all the feelings back

Anonymous too


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Our worlds coalesce in such transient instances

An ephemeral glance bringing life to a dreamlike state

Against all odds and despite all the unsure sounds

Shadows upon walls with no apparent way to discern

Where the light originates

A sincere gesture

Gave breath

Your smile

Stood out like a shooting star

More than just it’s appearance

Was the lack of any unnecessary thought or question

A natural beam of light

One to ward away the illusion

Of this material world



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It’s the note left for you

Yes, you as your heart beats faster

Not a text or even email

But this one and only letter

No copies, one of a kind

It’s only known to you and it’s author

Left where they knew you would find it

It says such nice things

All the things you didn’t think anyone noticed about you

And maybe some things you didn’t notice about yourself

It’s a treasure made of reflections

Better than any legal document

A mysterious missive

A club with only two members


You try to figure who it was

Examining the handwriting and the references

The way it describes your laughter

Or the expression you make when you are trying not to be awkward

Little quirks highlighted as beauty

And it’s all on this scrap of paper, feelings given life by the ink

A magical and strange feeling

Like a conspiracy you just were made aware of

The immediacy of the feeling

A feeling of being full

You start to consider where they were when they wrote it

Who would make something with so much thought

Who knows I am here?

It was my idea

Don’t think I’m losing it

I know these things can be deceiving

All the questions and the inflections

I waited for you

Hands out breaking down

Summer wasn’t coming quick enough

Solidly I found my fictions

I walked to my favored songs

As fast as my body would allow

Your aches validate

Blessed by this morning light

Brought about by seeking solace

Our hands reach out hoping

Only realizing afterwards

Either fully satisfied or bitter

Although I’ve decided

It’s my world though made of infinity

It’s not like you imagined


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Bracing yourself doesn’t really change anything

It serves only to deny you the immersion

When subtleties drift by unnoticed a small death is witnessed with no ritual

Honesty abides it’s maker as the choices we make define us

Our versions of ourselves are more than we know and also nothing

Each of our heartbeats are entitled to our search and our satisfaction

Those undeniable acquisitions

The immediacy of their visceral mystery

Bringing schism from the reality you knew and the one being made real

Making the real feel like a dream

Do you see the endless?


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If it’s too hard just fly away for now

Just for now

Examining these documents searching for the words to say

It’s not the same as it was before

We make these resolutions to ourselves

Born of self reflection but through a dirty lense

As the weeks add together they become years

Making a virtual sort of distance

I’ve learned to find the solace of accepting

I know I’m doing what I’m able

Still I reach

Looking for the words to say

My songs waiting for music

My uninhibited sharing

Of a verbal scene left to examine

Do any of you hear me?