synethesia or


Lightning in a bottle


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Strike the match and set the chorus

Through an adventure outside distant lands

Wring my hands, search my soul

Reach the wisdom, favored by the bold

A universe is each no thing and every every thing

Sequence these events and reinvent these elements

Tablets with etchings, destructible not erasable

Invisible lines web these scenes

Blending like camoflague

Bleeding through these reams

A saboteur is biding chance and stance

Letting you see the epitome, the sea

A vibrating bolt of electricity

I see

the sky bleeds


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Waft the scented air

As a drink of sunlight speaks to you

Quintessential and alone

It’s a choice we are given yet rarely notice

Filtering through space

The heavens hang suspended

Floating forever

Like an eternal dance of night and day

We look up for answers

Something to say

Something more

We look inside ourselves

Question it all until it seems like an unsolvable mystery

All these things under our noses

Our scenes keep moving

Layered by invisible divisions

And if I seek these dreams

I know I’ll break free

Why it feels good to cry


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I don’t always know why

It’s like these emotions force you to let go

Of all these things you’ve held in tow

Imaginary imagery solitary solidarity

This rarity, this gem, this essence

Much like before you were here

It’s a mystery as to where it goes

And it flows

As your face distorts with anguish, you know

We are not those robots

And we hope

One day we will see you again, like an old friend

We know it doesn’t really end

Bright lights scorch the retinas


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Bare bulbs line the aisle

It’s an avenue of flagrant denial

Scrape together some coins

Buy an excuse to distract yourself

A drink to keep you from talking too much

Bring it up again your failed crutch

Stand back and see

All these words belonging to me

Maybe the only real way to heal

Only way to deal

Let out this strange melody

Bring it into a song

You knew it all along

the future is now


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I believe we always will have

A beautiful struggle

It depends how you view it at any given moment

But eventually you realize it’s a different side to the same story

You flip the coin and give up a choice to liberate yourself

And for a second you allow yourself to drift

Trying to gain some sense of direction

By giving up the one you had

If we could just accept each other’s gifts

We might learn

To have something to give you need something you have

We can all be strong together

If we just learn to see each other

As more than just names and faces

As more than just games and races

I know it has to get better

It’s not just some dreamers letter

A chance encounter


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Imagine receiving a real message back

On some dated website

To your favorite artist

Where they just happened to be browsing

Being nostalgic

3 am and you think maybe nobody else in the world is there

These forums say 6 years ago last online

But you decided why not give it a try

To reach out to someone who reached you

Maybe this individual feels the same special aura you do

Off these glowing screens